A film by Gair DunlopHuman voices, young voices, expert voices, archive voices. Winds, waters, creatures, café sounds, aircraft … This film brings together elements of the two year research project on the North Norfolk Coast, exploring sonic democracies of coastal change. Composed sound interweaves with found sound, interview material, treated electronic sound and hydrophone recordings from the windfarms.

Perhaps one of the most surprising elements for me is the way in which the soundscape makes us realise that while we may be able to visually edit out intrusive, ‘non-natural’ elements, the evidence of the ear shows us that North Norfolk is a highly technologized landscape; fast jets on bombing runs to Holbeach, passenger aircraft, traffic, and sizzling burgers. Making this half-hour film has opened my eyes and ears, making me more aware of the fragility of coastal life. It’s also made clear the impossibility of separating environmental from social change.