Sounding Coastal Change – 24 hour Live Radio Broadcast

24 hour Live Radio Broadcast 

This was listened to by more than 1,000 people on the day and many more since. 

The broadcast ran from the 18th to the 19th July. 

It is still available as a Soundcloud playist on Richard Fair’s Soundcloud here:


A recording of the live broadcast is now available on Soundcloud. 

Resulting from collaborations with local organizations and individuals, the broadcast includes live discussions, a documentary made by the Year 6 pupils of the Pilgrim Federation of Church of England Primary Schools, a new radio ballad featuring interviews with local residents, recordings of live music events, digital sound art, Sound Arks, and environmental sounds including the Dawn Chorus.

The broadcast started at, 4am onwards, Wednesday 18 July –  and went to 4am Thursday 19 July

Listen: at The Blakeney Harbour Room, 1pm – 5pm, Wednesday 18 July

Be part of the broadcast: come to Blakeney Quay on 18 July and be part of the broadcast by making YOUR MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE at the SCC ENGAGEMENT TENT in the Blakeney Parish Council quayside carpark, and say ‘Hi’ to the broadcast team in the Seagulls & Samphire Art & Craft Centre at Blakeney Quay.

The broadcast ran from 4:00 am on the 18th to same time on the 19th July 2018

(Sunrise 4:54)

Lots of people shared their views on coastal change with the following activities:

Sound Ark:  You can send it to us with the subject “Sound Ark” or tweet to us with the hash tag  #SaveOurSounds

Message in a Bottle:    You can send it to us with the subject “MIB” or tweet to us with the hash tag #MessageinaBottle

Overheard in…. / Overheard in Blakeney:  Have you heard something important and want to tell the world:  You can send it to us with the subject “Overheard in” or tweet to us with the tag #Overheardin


Time   Item

04:00  The Dawn Chorus in Blakeney

06:00  Time and Tide/Morston Quay digital sound installations

07:00  Sounding Coastal Change – an introduction

08:00  Soundscape North Norfolk

09:00  Meet the Sounding Coastal Change Team

09.45  Pilgrim Federation of C.of.E Primary Schools

10:00  Blakeney Is Beautiful/Norfolk Melodies/More Water In The Sea

11:00  Coastal Conversations – Parts 1 and 2

12:10  What’s Happening?

12:30  Meet the Team 

13:00  Pilgrim Federation Year 6 Documentary

14:00  Time and Tide/Morston Quay

14.40  Radio Ballad: The Village, the Sea and the Turning Tide

16:00  Roundtable Discussion with Norfolk conservation organizations

17:00  Coastal Partnership – AONB 50th Anniversary

17:30  Sound Ark/Bio-blitz – Citizen Science

18:00  Pilgrim Federation Year 6 Documentary (repeat)

19:00  Discussion 2

19:30  Sound Ark/Bio-blitz – Citizen Science

20:30  Coastal Conversations

21:40  Radio Ballad: The Village, the Sea and the Turning Tide

23:00  Discussion 2 (repeat from 4pm roundtable)

00:00  Matters Arising …in Blakeney

01:45  Coastal Partnership AONB

02:15  Blakeney Is Beautiful/Norfolk Melodies/More Water In The Sea

03:15  Soundscape North Norfolk

04:00 Close